Uses of Interface

Packages that use LogSystem

Uses of LogSystem in org.apache.velocity.runtime

Fields in org.apache.velocity.runtime declared as LogSystem
private  LogSystem RuntimeInstance.logSystem
          The Runtime logger.

Uses of LogSystem in org.apache.velocity.runtime.log

Classes in org.apache.velocity.runtime.log that implement LogSystem
 class AvalonLogSystem
          Implementation of a Avalon logger.
 class Log4JLogSystem
          Implementation of a Log4J logger.
 class NullLogSystem
          Logger used in case of failure.
 class PrimordialLogSystem
          Pre-init logger.

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.log that return LogSystem
static LogSystem LogManager.createLogSystem(RuntimeServices rsvc)
          Creates a new logging system.

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.log with parameters of type LogSystem
 void PrimordialLogSystem.dumpLogMessages(LogSystem newLogger)
          dumps the log messages this logger is holding into a new logger

Uses of LogSystem in org.apache.velocity.test

Classes in org.apache.velocity.test that implement LogSystem
 class ClassloaderChangeTest
          Tests if we can hand Velocity an arbitrary class for logging.
 class EventHandlingTestCase
          Tests event handling
 class ExternalLoggerTest
          Tests if we can hand Velocity an arbitrary class for logging.

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