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Bug Reporting Guidelines

Before you decide to report a bug, make sure you have adequately verified that it is not a problem in your code. For example, if you are using the org.apache.oro.text.regex or org.apache.oro.text.perl packages, double check your results against Perl. Right now, compatibility is only guaranteed with Perl 5.003_07. Eventually we will guarantee Perl 5.6 compatibility. It may be that what you think is a problem is just a difference in behavior between Perl 5.003_07 and 5.6. In that case pester the oro-dev mailing list to get on the case and move faster toward 5.6 compatibility.

Before reporting any bug, inquire on either the oro-user or oro-dev mailing lists. You will get a faster response. Always include sample code and input that reproduces your problem and indicate what version of jakarta-oro you are using. If you are not using the latest stable release, download the latest release and see if the problem is still there before submitting a report. If we cannot reproduce a problem, we can't help.

If after you've followed the guidelines above, it is either confirmed or at least not refuted that your problem is caused by a bug in jakarta-oro, you may submit a bug report through Bugzilla

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