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Project Management Committee

Active Members

Bruce Atherton (bruce at callenish.com - http://www.callenish.com/~bruce)
Currently a Systems Architect with Avue Technologies, Bruce has been working with Java since version 1.0a2. He also claims to be one of the first people to mark up a FAQ with HTML, for a web browser of the distant past called Cello.

Stephane Bailliez

Stefan Bodewig (stefan.bodewig at freenet.de)
Stefan is a senior developer at BoST interactive, where he is mainly responsible for a rule based configurator system. He spends some time working on Open Source projects with Ant and Gump currently taking the biggest share of it. He is also serving as the Chairman of the Apache Gump PMC.

Erik Hatcher (ehatcher at apache.org)
Erik is the co-author of Java Development with Ant and speaks on Ant and other topics at No Fluff, Just Stuff symposiums as well as other venues. Erik is the President of eHatcher Solutions, Inc.

Antoine Levy-Lambert (antoine at apache.org)
Antoine is an IT consultant specialized in financial IT and in application management/configuration management. He has experience with conceiving, building and managing distributed applications. His consultancy is called antbuild.

Steve Loughran

Conor MacNeill (conor at cortexebusiness.com.au)
Conor is a senior developer at Cortex eBusiness, where he develops J2EE based systems. In his spare time he helps with the development of the Ant build tool. He is also serving as the Chairman of this PMC.

Costin Monolache

Sam Ruby (rubys at us.ibm.com)
Sam takes a perverse pleasure in integrating disparate things. He is a member of the PHP group, Apache XML PMC, Apache sponsor for the xml-soap subproject and convener of ECMA TC39 TG3.

Peter Reilly

Magesh Umasankar (umagesh at apache.org)
Magesh is a lead software developer at Manugistics, where he is responsible for some of the Revenue Optimization solutions.

Christoph Wilhelms (christoph.wilhelms at t-online.de)
Christoph works as software engineer at the world's biggest travel company TUI. His passion are all UI related things so at the Ant-Project he takes care of Antidote - the Ant GUI.

Emeritus Members

James Duncan Davidson (duncan at x180.net - http://x180.net/)
By day, Duncan works in the Open Source Program Office at Sun Microsystems where he helps various Open Source efforts within Sun "do the right thing". Previously at Sun he was responsible for the Servlet API Specifications 2.1 and 2.2 as well as the Java API for XML Parsing 1.0 and was the original author of Tomcat and Ant. He was one of the rabble-rousers within Sun that helped make the Jakarta Project a reality and served as the first Chairman of the Jakarta PMC.

Diane Holt

Donald Leslie

Jon Skeet


Active Committers

Preston Bannister

Matt Benson

Nick Davis

Darrell DeBoer

Peter Donald (peter at apache.org)
Peter is an avid java developer who is active in the Avalon and Ant projects. In his spare time he develops a distributed virtual environment (ie military simulator or 3D game) using java technologies.

Danno Ferrin (shemnon at yahoo.com)
Danno has been programming in Java since Summer 96. Danno wrote a JSP engine on his own and released it the very same day Jakarta was announced at JavaOne. Since then, he decided to join the Jakarta project in a spirit of co-operation over competition.

Jason Hunter (jh at servlets.com)
Jason is author of "Java Servlet Programming" (O'Reilly) and publisher of http://www.servlets.com/. He works at CollabNet.

Arun Jamwal

Arnout J. Kuiper (ajkuiper at planet.nl)
Arnout J. Kuiper is a Java Architect with the Sun Java Center at Sun Microsystems. His main focus is web-related technologies on the Java platform (J2EE, XML, ...).

Jan Mat?rne (jhm at apache.org)
Jan is consultant for OOA/D in the computer centre of the government of Northrhine Westfalia / Germany. He is the co-author of Rational Rose und UML im Praxiseinsatz the first German book about that OOAD-tool.

Adam Murdoch

Harish Prabhandham (harishp at onebox.com)
Harish is an engineer with the J2EE team at Sun, primarily responsible for implementing security in the J2EE Reference Implementation (RI). He integrated various technologies including servlet/JSP implementations from Tomcat into the J2EE RI. These days, he hacks PHP code during the day.

Nico Seessle

Gal Shachor (shachor at il.ibm.com)
Gal Shachor is a research staff member at IBM. He wrote his first Servlet container (ServletExpress) at the beginning of 1997. Later on ServletExpress (and Gal) merged into WebSphere, and Gal participated in the development of WebSphere 1, 2 and 3.

Jon S. Stevens (jon at collab.net)
Jon is a Co-Founder of Clear Ink Corp and recently left to work on Scarab a next generation Open Source Java Servlet based Issue/Bug tracking system for CollabNet. He is an active developer of the Apache JServ Servlet Engine for the Apache Web Server and Co-Author of the Element Construction Set as well as the web application framework, Turbine.

Jesse Stockall

James Todd (jwtodd at pacbell.net)
James has developed real time customer oriented apps for roughly 10 years the last 5 of which have predominately been fully integrated, front and back, extraNet implementations which have been based on Apache, Java and Tcl.

Emeritus Committers

Simeon H.K. Fitch (simeon.fitch at mseedsoft.com)
Simeon is owner of Mustard Seed Software, which specializes in developing distributed applications and user interfaces for the science, engineering, and research oriented clients. He is the lead architect and developer for Antidote, the GUI for Ant.

Thomas Haas (tha at whitestein.com)
Tom is interested in distributed systems, Java middleware and worked on an implementation of the JMS specification. At Whitestein Technologies he is working on bringing software agent technology and J2EE together.

Justyna Horwat (horwat at apache.org)

Stefano Mazzocchi (stefano at apache.org)
Stefano is addicted to software design, Java programming and open development. In the last 4 years, he has contributed way too much time to Apache, expecially on JServ, JMeter, Avalon, JAMES, Ant, Cocoon and helping to bring more projects into Apache-land, such as FOP, Batik, POI and Xindice. The problem is that he's too picky to be satisfied :-)

Glenn McAllister (glenn at somanetworks.com)
Glenn McAllister is a software developer at SOMA Networks, was formerly the same at IBM (plus tech writer plus build guy), and does some writing on the side for the VADD Technical Journal.

Craig McClanahan (Craig.McClanahan at eng.sun.com)
Craig was involved in the Apache JServ project, focused on implementing a next generation architecture and feature set for the core servlet engine. He has recently joined Sun as technical lead for the servlet and JSP reference implementation.

Anil Vijendran (akv at eng.sun.com)
Anil Vijendran is the principal developer of the JSP engine in Tomcat. He's done some pretty scary things in his past life -- implementing the CORBA IDL to C++ 2.0 mapping, skydiving, IDL to Java compilers, Object Databases (SIGSEV, you da man!) for C++, Java ORB and EJB runtime environments -- in that order.


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