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CVS Repositories

Access the Source Tree (AnonCVS)

Anyone can checkout source code from our anonymous CVS server. To do so, simply use the following commands (if you are using a GUI CVS client, configure it appropriatly):

cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.apache.org:/home/cvspublic login
password: anoncvs
cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.apache.org:/home/cvspublic checkout [module-name]

Modules available for access are (click the links to view the CVS tree via ViewCVS):

If you are not familiar with CVS, Jakarta's CVS page may hold many helpful hints.

Nightly snapshots of the CVS tree are available at http://cvs.apache.org/snapshots/ant/ and http://cvs.apache.org/snapshots/ant-antidote/.